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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I don't think it's inherently bad that they used a made up love interest. In fact, arguably one of the greatest Batman movies ever made (MOTP) used a made up love interest and made up villain in one fell swoop.
True, but MOTP was a spin off from BTAS which had already done infamous love interests like Selina and Talia. Andrea was just the latest one, albeit a very good one.

I think the problem with Rachel lies with the casting unfortunately.
In the case of Katie Holmes that was definitely a major downside.

But it is what it is. The character served her purpose in the plot. I don't see how she was badly written, I just think the problem with her was they never were able to fully convince us that she was worthy of the affections of both Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent. Unfortunately that does come down to looks and casting, and chemistry too. Character-wise it was there though, as she was noble and a no BS moral crusader like the two of them.
Badly written as in all through Begins there's no hint of a romantic connection between Bruce and Rachel. They act like childhood friends. Bruce never gives the impression he has romantic feelings for her and vice versa with Rachel. They just seem like friends who care about each other. Then at the end of Begins Rachel blurts out of the blue that Bruce is the man she loves. It's like where did that come from?

TDK is left to continue that established character dynamic. At least in TDK they had Rachel move onto Harvey, and it was really Bruce who was clinging to the idea he and Rachel could still be together.

I think given that the studio mandated they have a love interest in the first film when they weren't originally planning on it, they made the most out of it. By making Rachel a childhood friend, you lose that awkward obligatory "oh hai!" moment that would have resulted in trying to cram in a pure love interest that Bruce meets midway through the film. That just wouldn't have gelled with him being so focused on putting everything together for his mission.
A well written script can always accommodate a love interest organically. It's not a hard task to accomplish. You're looking at the Begins script the way it's written which has no romantic undertones between Bruce and Rachel until the end, where as I said it comes out of nowhere.

Then in TDK it's obvious Bruce wants Rachel as Alfred makes remarks like "Are you interested in his character or his social circle?" when he sees Bruce watching Harvey with Rachel. The way he eyes up Rachel and Dent holding hands at the dinner table etc.

TDK felt like it had a love interest throughout it's story. Begins never did.

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