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Default Re: Greatest Composer of a Batman Film!?

These past few days I've been listening to the Batman scores I own. Everything from Nelson Riddle's Batman:The Movie to even Prince's Batman 89 album (I know it's a song album and not a score album, but some of the songs played an integral part in the film) to Elfman's Batman 89 and Batman Returns scores to Walker's and her teams B:TAS Vol.1 & 2 to Walker's B:MOTP to Goldenthal's Batman Forever. Yesterday and today I was listening to B:MOTP and BF. Elfman, Walker, and even Zimmer get a ton a praise from many. I can't praise Elfman's two Batman scores (or his scores in general) and Walker and her teams score B:TAS scores enough, but Goldenthal never seems to get enough praise so I'll go ahead and give it to him.

Goldenthal's BF score is at times hokey and cartoon-y (as the film itself), but I find it very underrated. A lot of people tend to bash it b/c of the film (which isn't that bad either, imo) it associates with. It has a great heroic superhero theme. Sure the theme isn't as dark or iconic as Elfman's and Walker's but it's not as "stale" and "generic" as Zimmer's "Black Rain" theme for Batman in TDK trilogy. I remember when I first heard the theme for BF on an HBO first look promo and thinking to myself that theme fits Kilmer's and Schumacher's version of Batman to perfectly. The theme and score for that matter are better than the majority of the current superhero themes/scores. The action music is very exciting and over-the-top fun. The dark and dramatic music dealing with Bruce's repressed memories also are great and captures the burden of being Batman quite well. Goldenthal had some very creative ideas. I can understand why some could be turned off by it b/c ( I heard someone use this term to describe this score and it's perfect) it includes everything but the kitchen sink. But that's what I love about it. It's exciting which is more than I can say for Zimmer's lackluster batscores. Goldenthal really captured the core of BF, while at the same time adding some weight that was missing in the film itself. It's easily the best thing about BF, imo.

Next up Zimmer and Howard's Batman Begins, Drake, Kral, & Manthei's Batman:Gotham Knight, and Zimmer and Howard's TDK. Then that'll be a wrap. I still need to purchase Zimmer's TDKR but I'll take my time with that. I didn't hear anything special in the film. In fact I hardly noticed the music unless it was distracting in scenes where it didn't need to be. I'm sure it'll be an excitng day to finally hear all the hoopla behind it.

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