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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - Part 10

Originally Posted by Glassjaw View Post
Don't have much to add except agree, a great interview. I don't know why but I see the fact that he can articulate himself and talk about the subject so well, to be a factor in being able to really bring a great performance. So long as he gets good dialogue and Supe's journey is good, I can't imagine a situation where Cavill doesn't deliver.

Something I've always thought interesting, is he's obviously done his research. Like hopefuldreamer pointed out, his answer to Superman being a boy scout and not interesting wasn't rehearsed, it seems more like an opinion based on his own research, his own reading of the comics. Which makes me wonder: at Comic Con, when asked what reading he had done for the role, had he been told to not mention Earth One and Birthright? I think we have a pretty good idea they're major inspirations for this take on the character. It seems odd that he would mentioned the (still brilliant) Red Son and not those. Do you think its because if he did mention those, it would be essentially giving the basic structure/plot of the film?
Actually Cavill mentioned liking earth one although he pionted out that he knew it was a mixed bag among fans.That tells a lot of the kind of research hes been doing.He mentioned a third book which i cant seem to rembr but has twice stated red so to be his favorite.

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