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Default Re: Bat-Character Costumes for a High School Stage Play

Originally Posted by jonnywhc View Post
If you film it, the detail will be worth it. And if you had Batman, etc, leave a scene by running up the side or front of the audience, it'd be worth it aswell, and be a fun scene transition, too.

That guy worded it like a douche.

Still waiting on Nightwing and Harley news
Harley and Nightwing shots coming soon. Next "glamor" photo shoot already scheduled for the end of October (The Batman, Robin The Boy Wonder, Nightwing Catwoman, and (possibly) The Joker.) Harley Quinn has yet to be cast. She's going to be as tough to cast as The Joker himself. But I can tell you that her costume will, of course, be her traditional sexy red and black court-jester tights with frilly satin collar and wrist cuffs, and pixie shoes.

As for the way our friend "torontogosh" worded his question, I don't really take it personally. In fact, I think he might have meant it as a sort of compliment... alluding to my obsessive eye for detail when it comes to these characters.

Interesting that you envisioned some of the action in this production coming up right up close to the audience. In some cases, that's EXACTLY what I've written! Say... you haven't been peeking at my script have you? No fair! I cry foul!

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