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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I actually thought giving Bruce someone to retire with kind of helped me buy the ending more. If Bruce were to just retire and live happily ever after with Rachel (had she survived), that would be an entirely unsatisfying ending to Bruce's journey. Yet, with Selina I can accept it because you have two people trying together to leave behind their former lives and start anew. They can both share the weight of their pasts together while trying to build a new future.

It's the ending we'll never get in the comics, but one that always seemed like a best case scenario for the two of them.
I think if Bruce ended with Rachel would be contradictory with she says on Begins to him, about "the man she loved never came back". And Rachel was convicted of her ideas as Bruce. I bought Bruce ending with Selina because despite the comics, where they can't be together because of activities, in Rises, both want to leave their lifes behind. Bruce talks about that since TDK. To me, makes complete sense in a universe where Bruce Wayne doesn't want to be (and can't be) Batman "forever" that Selina wants the same thing and both try to move on together after that.

And about the topic, I can't decide between Rachel and Selina. I think each one fits in some moment: Rachel, during all the years while Bruce believed he could return to be what he was before his parents death. He tries to do that until Rises, with the reactor and even returning to live in the mansion. That's why he still mourning Rachel, because he believed if she was alive they could be there. Selina fits when Bruce became to see the truth about Rachel and about his life. He'll never be like was before because of the consequences of the years as Batman in many ways. And being with someone else who needs to deal with your past and the consequences is a way to deal better too.

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