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Default Re: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part I Review

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
Why are they selling this as a Part 1 and not a complete package?
Because of financials. Due to production costs, each DCAU film can only be about 75-minutes long, which wasn't nearly enough time to properly tell the TDKR story, so they split it into two parts.

Why didn't they package them together? Because then they would've had to sell it for 35-40 bucks a pop, and how many people/parents do you think would be willing to shell out that much for an animated, DTV movie?
Im assuming theres a Part 2 to come.
It's coming out sometime next year. I thought in the spring, but then the featurette on the DVD said the winter, so I'm not sure now.
Wasnt the original adaptation just a 4 issue mini series? How does that get stretched out into 2 films?
It was just a four issue mini-series, but each of those four issues were like 68 pages long, which makes for PLENTY of material for two movies.

Additionally, the way TDKR was written, actually is extremely conducive for a two-part movie. Honestly, if you were unfamiliar with the comic, TDKR Part 1 could be its own stand-alone film, and you'd really not even notice anything was missing.

That said, it definitely does lead into Part 2 (think Batman Begins), and Part 2 definitely will have a more resolute and decisive finale.

It's like a non-consecutive 24-hour dance party.
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