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Default Re: Greatest Composer of a Batman Film!?

Got done listening to Zimmer and JNH's Batman Begins score. Yeah it's definitely one of those scores I got to be in the mood to listen to, which is never. I only listen to it whenever I decide to do a Batman score marathon or whatever. This score definitely doesn't have the magic Batman 89, Batman Returns, B:TAS, B:MOTP, or even BF had. It lacks a lot of what I love about the previous batman scores I mentioned above. It's not nearly as enjoyable as those either.

Batman Gotham Knight is pretty good, but my favorite score of the album is Christopher Drake's "In Darkness Dwells". Batman's theme/score for that segment is better than anything Zimmer wrote for TDK trilogy, imo. Track "Scarecrow Interrupted" at the 2:10 is just amazing you can really feel Batman's presence in that track, imo. I can see that theme working in the TDK trilogy (especially BB).

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