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Default Re: Mirror Scenes and Dialogue in TDK Trilogy

- not a exactly mirroring, but Alfred warning Bruce about his injuries in both BB and TDK, and the result of that in TDKR

- BB-TDK: " theatricality, deception"

- BB-TDK: " restore the balance "

- not mirroring, but continuity: " whoever he is, Batman is looking for someone to take up the mantle "

- BB: " the sotrm is coming "
TDKR: " there is a storm coming "

Also, what I found interesting is that RAS advised Bruce to control his anger, or it would destroy him; in TDKR, in the pit, Bruce says **** it : " I'm angry "

Another interesting thing is that Bruce was told that vengeance and justice arent the same thing; Talia pretends to bring justice, but is ultimately killed by here desire of vengeance

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