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lol @mynameschris - nice one!

I have to say those document/props aren't a reliable source of info AT ALL!!!

There is one for Tony Stark. It gives his date of birth as late April 1970. And his parents death as 17 Dec 1991.

So (you may ask)?

Well he inherited Stark Industries when he came of age when he was 21 (according to IM1). If he was born in 1970 he would have been 21 years of age when his pappy died and there would have been never any need for Stane to run the company.

Canon can only be applied to thearical release material. You can use other sources for building up the MCU BUT these are very much secondary (or even tertiary) and include things like novelisations, comicbook tie ins, etc. However, if they contradict the theatrical release then the film takes precedence.

The really big problem is when the theatrical releases actually contradict each other...which has happened, annoyingly, a few times!

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