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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

As much as I would like to say Rachel, being that he grew up with her and seen her as a way to be a normal person, but then to be left devastated after her death in TDKR. The ideal relationship looks good on paper, but did not work for me on screen in BB and TKR. In BB, we never really know exactly why Bruce is in love with Rachel. We know that she was part of his childhood and also she convinces him that killing won't solve his problems. But there's no intimacy in the film between the two.

In TKR, we have a new actress playing the role, in which she did well. But again, no real intimacy. We don't see what Bruce sees in her, my thoughts would be she, other than Alfred, is only person that knows him from childhood, when his life was normal, innocent and not vengeful. But as for a deep connection between her and Bruce, nothing. On top of that, the audience really don't care for her. What really illustrates this is the fact that in the film, she gets blown away right in front of us--which comes as a complete shock and defies superhero films because the damsel usually doesn't die--but her death soon becomes an afterthought as we are absorbed into what Joker does next and the emergence of Two Face. We really don't know--and forget--how much her death affected Bruce until TDKR.

So Selina does have the deepest connection with Bruce, AND IT SHOWS ON SCREEN. The charity ball scene was key. They're fighting thugs together. They are both looking for an escape, a clean slate. They save each other"s life. The passionate kiss at the end. Another funny thing is that those around them seen something in them two. Alfred makes a remark after finding out Selina stole the pearl necklace and sees that Bruce is more amazed than upset (which is funny how posters here think that Alfred does not know of their relationship). Fox says "Like your girlfriend" . The cafe scene at the end was a nice visual touch also, especially with Selena wearing the pearls. Throughout the movie, Bruce sees something in her, and believes in her to make the right decisions.

I could write more, but I'll stop there...just my 2 cents

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