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Default Re: Mirror Scenes and Dialogue in TDK Trilogy

I must admit that there are some points that seem a little shoehorned (even some of mine). I was thinking of more specific dialogue and scenes, ones that share a greater thematic value, but there are some interesting reads that I haven't thought before. I think I saw something similar in the TDKR gif thread. Here are ones that caught my mind:

- Batsuit container.(Begins, TDK, Rises)

- When the chips are down...(TDK, Rises)
Though I would argue that it was mostly the conflict between the criminals from Blackgate and the police, but the sentiment is there.

- You are practice. (Begins, Rises)
Though I would argue that the Joker fits that bill better.

- Why do we fall?. (Begins, Rises)

- Ra's and Bane comparison.(Begins, Rises)

- Very well.(Begins, TDK)
Already mentioned.

- Thank you(Begins, TDK, Rises)
Already mentioned.

Not strictly mirrors, bu references between films:

- Foreshadowing. (Begins, TDK, Rises)

- Fear, Chaos and Pain

- Begins, Ends and Rises

- As a symbol I can be incorruptible...

- The only one who lost everything.(Begins, TDK)

Also, this great line from TDKR:

BATMAN: A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy's shoulder to let him know that the world hadn't ended

It is makes reference to that moment between Gordon and Bruce Wayne from Batman Begins, and it might be also thematically significant in the previous flashback of Bane and Talia in the pit, where he protects her in that horrible place, reassuring her that the world "hasn't ended". I saw it on a similar gif but I think it was removed.

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