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Default Re: IM3 Official Caption thread

Originally Posted by ultimatefan View Post

CAP: So, the new Robocop... That´s some competition for ya, huh?
TONY: Compe-- you gotta be kidding me! The original was a cyberpunk classic, a great mix of unapologetic ultraviolence and dry, gritty social satire. But ever since all the demographics-ridden studios and networks do is try and pussify it into a "family-friendly" PG-13 superhero franchise.
CAP: Tony, you´ve lost me at "cyberpunk".
TONY: Hmmm yeah, that sounds about right.

CAP: "So I hear Wally West doesn't exist in DC's New 52."
TONY: "Nope, no Wally West at all."
CAP: "That's just plain wrong."
TONY: "Agreed. One more reason to choose independent publishers over DC."
CAP: "Yep."

SUPERMAN: You know something Bruce? You're not always right.

Long Live TCM
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