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Default Re: Greatest Composer of a Batman Film!?

Originally Posted by VenomShock View Post
Good GOD this is tough... Okay, here's the thing for me:

Danny Elfman... is probably one of the greatest composers alive. And he did wonders for Batman, just like he did for Spider-Man. In many ways, he did make the Batman theme and the music is astounding in those films. "Finale" and "Descent into Mystery" are breathtaking, some of the best music composed in film.
I agree. Elfman's Batman scores set the bar for Batman scores and superhero scores in general. It's something I can't say the same about Zimmer's Batman scores, which is it was "GROUNDBREAKING". And Elfman's Spiderman scores are very underrated, imo. I enjoy those scores as much his Batman scores. Yeah that's how good I think those two scores are.

Hans Zimmer/James Newton-Howard - They might just be my favourite. I wasn't really old enough to ever see the Burton films when they came out (I was barely alive for Returns, actually) so I very-much view the Nolanverse as MY Batman series, and the music I strongly remember and even hum to myself a lot. Molossus? "Dun, dun, dun, dundun". It's great, I especially like the music that plays in the first and third films (right after he leaps into the swarm of bats to the end is what I'm talking about). That to me is the Batman theme of this series.
The Dark Knight trilogy of scores were average, stale, generic, and nothing special, imo. Mostly sound design than music. Those films deserved better. It's a shame b/c Zimmer and Howard are both great composers most of the time. I felt their talents were wasted (especially Howard's).There's a few cues here and there that were good, but none have the same impact as Elfman's, Walker's, or even Goldenthal's had on me. I just feel they could've given Batman a better theme instead of rehashing Zimmer's Black Rain theme. At the end of the day the scores sound like most of the current action movie scores. I really don't think of Batman when I hear these scores. When I hear a Batman score I want to think of some version or trait of Batman. I don't mind thinking about the film it associates with, but i don't want to be thinking about other movies when listening to a Batman score. And Zimmer failed to do that for me. I do tend to think of the actual film, but it doesn't do anything for me after it's over. Again it doesn't stay with me like Elfman's, Walker's and even Goldenthal's bat scores do.

Shirley Walker - To me, that little piece that plays throughout Mask of the Phantasm and the animated series is THE definitive Batman theme. But I'll acknowledge that it's very Elfman inspired and it's very small.

EDIT: I also REALLY loved the Clayface theme and the music from the "Captain Clown" episode.
Walker was a musical genius and a real talent, may her soul R.I.P. I was listening to the B:TAS Vol 1 and 2 cds from La La Land Records for the past few weeks. I've been enjoying every bit of the scores. The scores to this series really stays with me long after I'm done listening to it. It's amazing how cinematic and large it sounds b/c it was performed by a 40 piece orchestra. Now that's magic and talent right there to be able to make an orchestra for a 22 minute animated tv show sound like a big budget hollywood action-adventure film made for the silver screen. She and her team really captured the essence of the characters, comics, and the show itself, imho.

I agree with you about Clayface's theme. It's so tragic but it can turn sinister and nasty in a heartbeat like the character itself. Walker and her team came up with a variety of musical identities for the villains and shows itself. Most of the time her scores for the show really tells me a strong story where I don't have to look at the show to know what's going on.

Her B:MOTP score is a true masterpiece as most of the scores to B:TAS are, imo. She as well as her talent is definitely missed. Her music will continue to live through her as it did Batman and his many adventures. A lot of the music for B:TAS and B:MOTP is better than most scores today (on TV and the big screen) well at least in the superhero genre anyway. I cannot praise the B:TAS scores enough.

Tough call, but I'm going to go with Zimmer/Howard. Which at some level makes me feel dirty. Maybe it's because I kinda grew up with the Raimi Spider-Man movies, but when I see people talking about how they prefer the Horner score from TASM over Elfman's masterpiece, I just feel vitrol, because it's such an inferior score. Maybe that's also because I hate how everybody leaped onto TASM's dick as soon as it started coming out because it was easy enough to buy people with a Spider-Man that used mechanical webshooters and dated a blonde-chick first. I don't know, I'm just going with Howard and Zimmer.
I haven't heard Horner's TAS-M yet, but I purchased it recently and it should be arriving soon. No matter how good Horner's score may be my opinion won't change on how much I enjoy and appreciate Elfman's two Spidey scores.

Originally Posted by relentless1 View Post
i love, LOVE the hans zimmer theme for batman, especially the beginning of agressive expansion and when batman is introduced in tdk at the parking garage and tdkr when he grabs the guy off the bike, awesome themes, but elfman wins this one because he was the batman theme of my childhood and his batman march captures the fun and mystery of batman perfectly, on a side not, i love how nobody picked elliot goldenthals soundtrack and rightly so it SUUUCKED lol
Well that's your opinion it sucked, but why do you think it sucks? You really didn't give a reason for why you believe that. Let me guess b/c the movies the scores are associated with. This is why I say Goldenthal's Batman scores are underrated and underappreciated. To me Goldenthal's score for BF is easily the best thing about it. Eventhough I do like BF in a dumb popcorn action movie kind of way. I actually enjoy the BF score more than any of the scores to TDK Trilogy. It did stuff that was lacking in TDK trilogy scores. One of 'em is enhancing the film. Plus again like Elfman and Walker the themes/scores are better than most superhero themes/scores today, imho.

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