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Default Re: Mirror Scenes and Dialogue in TDK Trilogy

Originally Posted by craigdbfan View Post
If you have nothing constructive to post then don't post. If you're going to belittle people by trolling and baiting then you're going to get reprimanded.

since you're being vague, i'll just inform folks that you were talking about me. i was joking, if people get that bent out of shape on a forum full of thousands of posts a day, then thats taking it all a bit too seriously.

if i were a troll, i wouldnt post under my real full name, i would use a partial name or an alias like %99 of the members here use to post under.

Anyways, to make this post relevant to the "topic of the thread" as you folks call it:

all 3 movies use Swat members, a step up from the typical law enforcement.

all 3 movies use an aircraft. (helicopters, jets, the bat)

all 3 movies feature Batman atop a building, in a semi-circle shot, which was shot via aerial photography.

all 3 movies had no second unit (miniature unit doesnt count, as they dont film actors)

all 3 movies END on a "cliffhanger" of sorts (begins was the joker card, Dark Knight batmans fate, and Rises the fate of the persona)

obvious mirrors:
Blake and Bruces "cave discovery".
Ra's (liam) saying Ra's (watanbe) lines in Rises in the Pit.
Bruce and the Joker both throwing out their alcohol, Bruce and the Joker both making a grand entrance into the Dent fundraiser asking "where is harvey dent?", both being met by a Rachel with her arms crossed.

(they also reused all swat and police cars from begins to rises, as well as the uniforms)

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