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Default Re: Avengers a culmination of Marvel history (including 616/Ultimate/etc.)

Here's a few things I could think of from the top of my head:


-Loki, while imprisoned, tries to use the Hulk as a pawn against the other heroes, and get them to turn on him for something he hasn't even done.
-A misunderstanding leads heroes to fight each other. (a 616 staple if ever there was one)
-Mjolnir's enchantment. Only Thor can lift it.
-The hellicarier is SHIELD's main headquarters.
-Hawkeye is unwittingly a villain, until he is redeemed by joining the Avengers.
-Thanos wants the Cosmic Cube/Tesseract.


-The Chitauri attempt to invade earth.
-SHIELD is responsible for the creation of the Avengers.
-Hawkeye and Black Widow both start off as SHIELD agents.

Forget about Jumping the Shark, now you have: Pushing the Apokolips!

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