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Default Re: Rank the Bat-Films.....


Dark Knight- It did pretty much everything right, perfect balance of realism and he superhero stuff

Batman Returns- A tighter version of Burtons first effort, the best you can get from the Keaton/Burton duo. However it is somewhat an acquired taste

The Dark Knight Returns Part 1- I put it above Rises because the story was just better than the one Rises gave us.

The Dark Knight Rises- Rises was a good movie, but it was flawed and the villains just were not as good as they were in the previous films.

Batman- A fun and entertaining movie to watch but more of a classic blockbuster style.

Year One- Imo, since it lacks the actual origin of his fighting abilities, it lacks many of the problems Begins has.

Batman Begins- My big problem with Begins has always been showing him moving around Asia, while trying to maintain realism. It's just not that easy to buy.

Under The Red Hood- Would have been much much higher on the list if not for that Amazo scene.

Batman Forever- The movie has it's merits and could be remembers like the 60s show but Tommy Lee Jones ruins the whole thing by not taking it remotely seriously.

Batman and Robin- Just awful. Poison Ivy is often noted as one of the better parts of the film, maybe because of Mr.Freeze and Bane, but in my opinion she was no better than either of them. Also George Clooney will never be Batman.

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