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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

Rachel --Bruce-Selina

what if


....Don't you understand? You're the one thing he thinks is holding me back from going back to that life – the one factor that was different. He'll kill you the first chance he gets just to draw me out and start this all over again, to put me back in the part he wants me to play in this twisted evil game of his," he shouted. Selina wasn't cowed. She reared up on her heels and leveled her face eyelevel with him.

"I can handle myself, Bruce, and if you'd have let me shoot him properly in the ****ing head we'd have been out of this miserable city a week ago. If you'd just killed him nine years ago, we would be back home and away from all this. If you'd killed him nine years ago, there wouldn't be a grave to put me next to if he does get around to putting me in the ground next to Rachel Dawes."

That stung. His face must've said as much, but she steeled her face further into a mask of resolve.

"I've lived with the consequences of my decisions since that day. Do you want me to rewind time and redo what I've done? I don't kill. You know the reasons better than anyone why I stick to that principle," he gritted out.

"I do, and I respect that. But this is a rinse and repeat situation. If Harvey Dent went off the deep end after he took out Rachel Dawes, then think of all the fun he could have by making you choose again. Me or Gotham, Bruce? What's it going to be?"

"Step off, Selina – you're angry, and I understand that-"

"You haven't a single idea of how this feels, Bruce. Waiting up here because you think I'm inadequate to handle myself out there. Waiting for him to knock me off just to get to you – this is just dragging out the inevitable. We need to go down there and fight for what we're worth," she pleaded. It was miles beyond what she would've done a year ago. A year ago Selina would have up and left or taken the issue into her own hands with or without his consent.

"You're the one thing more valuable than anything in this world to me, Selina. Look at me."

She wrenched her head around, and tears of frustration were starting to brim in her eyes. Bruce caught her chin and forced her eyes to meet his.

"I love you. Now, and always." At that admission from him, a tear rolled down her cheek.

"I can't bury you. And I can't let you sink down to his level. You killed Bane because there was no other option. Now we have a chance to let Blake rise up and show that someone other than the Batman has the conviction to uphold what that symbol stood for. You need to sit tight and let this work out, and stay safe for my sake. Do you hear me?" he said in a shaking voice, his hands hard around her shoulders as he clasped her to him. Selina shuddered.

"I'm not Rachel, Bruce. Stop filling in the gap by thinking I'm the civilian that can't fight that sort of scum. Stop holding me to her standard."

"You're not Rachel, alright? I'm surprised you're even letting the thought of her get under your skin. All the women in my life can't hold a candle to you because you're the one and only that could truly understand every aspect of me and keep a sane mind. Every facet," he muttered against her brow, the skin warm and smooth. "And in the end, the only one I could understand."

"I think of her because she touched you on some level I could never reach. Childhood sweethearts and enchanting, alluring career women – I can't compete with memories," she said.

"Rachel's love for me was purely platonic," he tried to reason with her, but her logic found the loophole.

"And what did you feel for her?"

He halted. That, he couldn't lie about. He had loved Rachel all those years until he met Selina. Or at least the memory of her. An illusion Alfred hadn't shattered until much later. Selina picked up on his hesitation and wrenched herself away from him to slam her way into the bathroom. The sound of the shower came hissing on, and Bruce slumped.

Then a little seedling of conviction planted itself in his mind, and he picked himself off the couch and slammed in after her.

His wife, the former Cat burglar was curled up naked in a corner of the shower, hugging her knees to her chest and letting the hot water scour her back a burning red.

Bruce yanked open the glass door and stepped onto the tile, the water soaking through his suit as he picked her up and set her against the wall at eyelevel. Her feet rose a few inches off the floor, and her toes were barely brushing it as he pinned her shoulders.

"You won't say the words because you're too damned frightened of losing me – I don't love a dead woman, I don't love the idea of some old flame. You brought me out of my own pit, Selina. You snuck into my life and made me start living," he shouted into her face. Water was dripping down her cheeks, and for a moment he couldn't distinguish tears and the hot droplets.

One day they'd be able to have that seamless communication and unspoken language. For now, it was a clash of miscommunication and frustration.

"I do love you, Bruce….I you so much" Selina said. And the mask slipped, her face crumpling as if she'd just admitted a horrible lie. But it wasn't a lie – it was a truth that hurt her too much to admit. He leaned in to swallow her sobs with his mouth,......

by Yours Hopefully

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