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Default Re: Avengers' Initiative second screen app

Originally Posted by NCC1701 View Post
It appears that the Avengers second screen app is not in the Canadian iTunes store.!/search/?q=a...anada&src=typd

It is available in the U.S. iTunes store at

I haven't seen any ETA as to if or when it will be available in Canada. This is extremely disappointing.
On of my friends on twitter asked AgentM:

Miranda ‏@Puddingy1113:
@AgentM Hi, Do you know if The Avengers 2nd Screen Experience will be available on iTunes Canada anytime soon or is it a USA only thing?

Ryan Penagos @AgentM:
@Puddingy1113 Looking into it; I know lots of folks in Canada want it. NO solid info yet.
So at least someone is looking into it

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