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Default Re: Greatest Composer of a Batman Film!?

It's been a little while but I listened to TDK score today, which wrapped up my marathon of Batman scores that I own. I'll be positive today. "Harvey Two-Face" and "Like A Dog Chasing Cars" are still easily the highlights for me. What's so great about "Harvey Two-Face" is that it captures Gotham's hope and belief in Harvey Dent. Eventhough the theme is more of an extension of Batman's theme/motif. I like the return of the theme (from Batman Begins) during the monorail scene with little Bruce and his parents making a triumphant appearance here. I can tell Howard wrote this track.

"Like A Dog Chasing Cars" is a very well written action cue that introduces a more victorious and heroic variation on Zimmer's Batman motif. That particular variation definitely fits this Batman the most, imo. The build up to the theme is very well executed. Probably the best action cue from this trilogy, imo.

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