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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Oh, I didnt bother to read your giant wall of text to begin with, as its probably your usual argument that I dont care for or agree with. All you're really doing is twisting facts to support your shipper fantasies. *Shrugs*
If you had read it, you would see that I posted quotes from other posters. I am not twisting. I am providing facts. I am providing quotes from the actual production notes that many of us on here read.

Shipper fantasies? Okay, this is just trolling on your part. I didn't write the movie or direct. It's not the fault of anyone here that you're bitter about Bruce and Selina ending up together in the movie. I provided valid claims and facts from the films. You didn't even bother to attemtp to refute any of it... and that's because you can't.

it's not just me. The vast majority of the posts on here match what I've been saying.

You're still hoping mad about what the Nolan Bros decided to do with the romance in this movie, so now you're venting and trying to twist things to support your desire for Bruce and Rachel to have been more than what they were. Read some of te other posts on this page. The Bruce/Rachel thing is destroyed. Man, those pearls being around Selina neck at the end must have really pissed you off. No need to take it out on others. Write the Nolan Bros an angry letter if it makes you feel better.

Oh, and the two cents comment was part of something I quoted from another poster. I didn't say that. I merely cpied and pasted his words at the end as part of the quote. Pay attention next time.

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