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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Oh, I didnt bother to read your giant wall of text to begin with, as its probably your usual argument that I dont care for or agree with. All you're really doing is twisting facts to support your shipper fantasies. *Shrugs*
Having read this entire thread, the only person i see twisting facts to support their shipper fantases is you. Everyone else is in agreement about the BruceXSelina stuff. We get it right in the movie. It's not a fantasy, because it actually happens. BruceXRachel never happens and wouldn't have happened even if she was alive. She chose Dent and said in the letter that she could only be there as his FRIEND. He was friendzoned. The end. Rachel saw how wrong she was for Bruce. He loved the idea of her more than he loved the actual person.

All the stuff we get in the movie was mentioned by several posters. The "yin/Yang" was mentoned as well. Rather than create counter arguments to supprt your viewpoint on things, all you did was go, "But, but, but... i don't like Bruce and Selina being together so I'm going to pretend it never happened."

You can write fanfics about Bruce ending up with Talia or Rachel, but that doesn't change what we got in the movie. It's obvious that the Nolan brothers themselves are fans of Bruce and Selina being together. The chemistry between them was great (as opposed to the chemistry between Bruce and Rachel, which was nonexistent). And Bruce giving Selina his mother's necklace-- man, that was a jaw dropper. I never thought I'd see the day where Christopher Nolan included such huge romantic symbolism in one of his films.

Perfectly handled by the Nolan brothers, and most of us loved it.

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