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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - Part 10

Originally Posted by RachelDawes View Post
Yep. The whole "You will lead the people of Earth into the light, Kal-El" makes no sense coming from Jor-El. He knows nothing about his son's personality; Kal-El could just as easily grow up to be a tyrant as Earth's savior. His motivation for sending his son to Earth should be to save him, and that's all, just like the story of Moses.
We don't necessarily know if he tells him that before he sends him off.

Originally Posted by RachelDawes View Post
The only aspect of Moses's life that I want to be a direct influence on Superman is his being sent away by a parent at birth. Everything else about Superman's story should be as unique as possible with the occasional inevitable overlap. For example, Superman will save Earth from Zod just like Moses saved the Hebrews from Pharaoh, but all heroes have to save someone eventually so that link was always going to be there.
Fair enough. Seeing as this is an origin film, we should be getting the send off scene much like S:TM had.

Do you want to see the Moses allegory in this film or do you want to see it throughout the series? Sequels won't have the luxury of having Kal-El being sent away again.

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