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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - Part 10

Gina Carano... 'favorite' to play Wonder Woman? Sure.

As for the All-Star dialogue, there's nothing preachy about it. Quite simply, it's the type of dialogue Jor-El has been known for when he's discussing Clark's 'destiny'. While on the subject, I doubt that Jor-El will be reciting those lines to baby Kal-El as Krypton is falling apart. It's more likely that Jor-El's recorded hologram will be inspiring young Clark (after discovering the ship and/or Fortress) of what his purpose is living amongst the humans.

Superman's image must be one of a savior and/or beacon of hope. Similar to Batman, Superman is a symbol to all mankind, and will be the ambassador to all 'alien' life on Earth, after all.

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