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Smile Re: Ok Guys...Shall we talk DVD/Blu-ray? - Part 1

Originally Posted by spidey99 View Post
I swung by Target yesterday morning, had two $15 target cards (from a credit card rewards thing) and was gonna pick up the 3D four/five disc set. Was very happy that they had them for only $19.99, cause they didn't have the set that was $19.99 (or something like that.) So it was a free movie, and now I can finally see it on mine and the wife's large 3D LED Samsung TV ( I live in pain, so I'm not one to be able to sit in theaters anymore)
Great deal, now just hope they have some good deals in November when the Amazing Spidey 3D Blu-Ray comes out. but as a Spidey-aholic, I'll buy that no matter the cost.

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