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Default It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's the Superman Costume Thread!

This thread was made with the hopes that all discussion about the Superman costume can be had in one place and talked about freely.

At first, I hated the suit, however, it has grown a little on me with the viewing of the SDCC footage. The colors impress me, and the cape attachment is beautiful, however i still see a couple of problems in the suit:

1.) the chain mail look. As much as I appreciate the feeling of texture, I do think this goes a little overboard in giving the suit a realistic feel. Some texture is fine and all, but this chain mail look makes me think that this is a suit of armor... Yes, I know this is supposed to be part of the alien feel, but the suit is not a piece of armor. There is no need to make the suit look like armor, because it can possibly imply that the Man of Steel is not impervious... And personally, I don't like that.

2.) the ever-absent red in the bodysuit. Again, after seeing the SDCC footage of the suit, the lack of color does not flow well within the bodysuit. The lack of color in the mid-section does not retract attention, but instead draws attention to the groin area. I asked my wife (who is not a Superman fan nor a comic book fan), and even she said the same thing without seeing the promotional picture beforehand. Whether he has trunks or not really doesn't matter- what's needed is another color to break up the blue in the middle of the bodysuit.

Personally, a change n the color of the piping around the waist as well as a thicker belt line would of helped greatly to distinguish the upper body from the lower body

It provides a visual balance and color stability to the suit

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