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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Lois' lack of character development in her initial seasons wasn't totally the producers' fault. For a long time they were severely restricted in how to use her character. They couldn't put her in the DP or give her any journalistic endeavors, they couldn't get her and Clark to be closer. It wasn't until the last few seasons where those restrictions were lifted and they were free to do more with her. I think it was mainly because of Superman Returns, which to this day I find no logic in. That's a movie and Smallville is a TV show. What difference does it make if you have Lois being a reporter in both the movie and the show, everyone knows Lois Lane as the intrepid reporter anyway. DC's restrictions especially when it came to Lois or her and Clark's initial acquaintance never made any sense to me. It's one thing to restrict having Bruce and Diana on the show, but to not allow Lois be more active and important castmember? That's retarded.

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