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Default Re: Mirror Scenes and Dialogue in TDK Trilogy


In TDKR, we saw Stryver falling through the cracked ice as well. Except, he didn't survived.

HARVEY DENT: Well, fair's fair. [draws coin] Heads I'll take it, tails it's all yours.
RACHEL DAWES Oh yeah? You want to flip a coin to see who leads?

TRADER 2: You can’t short the stock because Bruce Wayne goes to a party

TRADER 1: Wayne coming back is change. Change is either good or bad.

TRADER 2: On what basis?

TRADER 1: I flipped a coin.

In TDKR, one of the mercenaries was holding and checking at the bat tranquilizing dart while Gordon and his men were sent to the ice.



Matthew Modine: You can't really relate to Thor, for instance! I like the story, but I don't relate to him -- I can't use his hammer!
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