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Default Re: The Captain America/Chris Evans Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
The deleted Cap scenes were good, but the alternate opening/ending were not as strong. Showing us a glimpse at the coming invaders and leading that into Loki's arrival was far stronger, and was a better way of showing the looming threat our heroes had to overcome. The alternate opening gives Hill more character, yes, but doesn't grab the audience's interest as much. By that same token, we the audience respect Nick Fury more than Maria Hill given we have seen him in past films. Thus, when he is telling the council to shut up like a boss, it is awesome. Maria Hill hasn't earned that with us, thus she makes a weaker narrator.

The right decisions were made in cutting the alternate opening/ending. The Cap stuff I can see was cut for film flow reasons, but they are great scenes that would have added to him. Still, I think Cap was a strong character in the film without them.
Oh it was so good though. It would have made the final film much better IMO. As I watched the film while I loved it, I felt like Cap was shortchanged just a bit. We NEEDED to see him upset about the world I think...the scenes should have stayed!

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