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Default Re: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part I Review

Just saw the movie last night, and honestly, I'm shocked at how much I enjoyed it. This is the Holy Grail for me and many of my time, as a kid it felt like a real life film in the palm of my hands, with the huge splash pages & Frank Miller nightmare version of Gotham & Batman himself. Til this day I still get that feeling whenever I thumb through it, just an epic tale told on the most epic of scales. However like I said above, I wasn't too keen on the Year One movie, as I felt it was just too slavish to the book, to a fault. I got that motion comic feel from it, with this, not so much.

Maybe it's just how well it's put together that makes it more entertaining, but from the music to the voice work & animation, this is way up there for me. In fact, I'd rate it only underneath Red Hood as my favorite. And that's only after one viewing, and obviously without Part II.

I'd have to say initially my favorite scene is the way his flashback to crime alley is handled when he's watching Zorro on TV. The imagery & music in that scene rivals anything I've ever witnessed from an animated cartoon, as far as the atmosphere & mood. Splendid work.

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