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Default Re: First Official Photo

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post

But more Jackman than traditional Wolverine, as it looks at present.

I wonder if Mark Millar will have any influence on this production, even at this late stage. He's written Wolverine comics and Alexei Belyakov was saying that the script (during Aronofsky's tenure) had the brown/orange comic book costume in it...
Yeah, in Aronofsky's draft
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
he breaks into a dressing room at an opera in Tokyo where a Yakuza boss sits in the front row. Wolverine grabs a costume off a rack (the brown and orange costume) to blend in and walks onto the stage. He then kills everyone in the front row. At first the audience thinks its part of the play but then people start shooting at Wolverine so people begin to storm out of the theatre. Amongst them are Mariko and Noburo - who's personal security rushes to get out. Mariko manages to lock eyes with Wolverine through the mask and she cries as he slaughters the Yakuza. As soon as she's out of his periphery, he chops a guy's head off right behind him.

Its a brilliant way to incorporate the costume, specially with the eye to eye moment. Reminds me of Point Break when Keanu & Swayze look at each other through the mask.

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