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Default Re: Thor Pulling Out The Big Guns

Originally Posted by Bren View Post
I think we're on the same wavelength; going by the set pics, I don't see him flying in space in THIS film... I loved EMH where it highlighted his nature when he didn't need a suit in Gamma World.

Irritated me no end when he wore a space suit in the finale against Kang!
That space suit was pointless though because he didn't have a breathing aparatus over his face like everybody else. There were also several episodes in season 2 where he flies in space unaided, so I took it as him having the armor for added protection.

We still can't rule out Thor flying through space in this film though, because we've only seen set pics from ONE battle. Besides, he's going to travel through all of the 9 realms in this films so who's to say he doesn't have to go through space to get to them.

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