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Default Re: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's the Superman Costume Thread! - Part 1

Just thought I'd post this again since it's a new thread and I wasn't sure if anyone caught it before (since it was not part of the current conversation at the time.

The reason Batman got a new costume in TDK was because his costume in BB was created by a different creative team and was not Nolan's ideal suit design. From what I've gathered from various interviews he did about the costume designs from the first two films, Nolan came onto the film too late to fiddle too much with the suit (it might've already been manufactured and thus WB had already sunk the bulk of it's costume budget into it). Maybe he had to pick his battles, since he was able to make his own Batmobile (which cost quite a pretty penny).

With TDK, Nolan was able to start from scratch and create the Batman suit that he had always envisioned, from the design of the cowl (so he could turn his head) to the material of the suit (getting away from the medieval armor style rubber that Batman had always had in film up to that point). The main thing that Nolan disliked about the BB costume was that he could only film it under certain lighting conditions, since too much light would reveal it for what it was... a rubber costume. With the TDK suit, he and the costume designer were able to create something that could potentially be feasible in the real world, and could be lit just like regular street clothing and still come off menacing and workable, and not just some guy in a cheap Hollywood costume. The final battle in TDKR would've been impossible (or at the very least, looked completely ridiculous) with the BB suit.

But back to the point, I wouldn't expect anything too different for the sequel. I'm fairly certain the costume in MOS is the one all of the creative people chose and were happy with, so unless we get a fairly massive shift in vision (and people) for the second film, the only changes I would expect are innovations in the suit fabrication, making it easier to put on, less hot to wear, etc. There might be story reasons for a suit change, but those would just be 100% speculation at this point.

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