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Default Re: Judge Dredd Reboot!! - Part 2

Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post
Dredd without his helmet, for me at least is a big deal. Dredd never takes his helmet off, ever* so that would be like Batman without the cowl**, Superman without the cape***, Spider-Man without the mask****.

* Dredd has appeared without his mask but;
Had his face rearranged by a machine.
Had bandages covering his face.

** Batman has appeared in several elseworld tales without his cowl

*** Electric Superman had no cape

**** Spider-Man is forever taking his mask off in the comics and movies

All of that is true but Dredd is perticular is famous for not taking his mask off so more than any other superhero it IS a big deal.
Agreed, though Dredd was also seen without his helmet for the 'Dead Man' story, however he was badly scarred (had been badly burned all over his body) with no memory, so the readers didn't know it was Dredd until near the end of that story. We did learn from that one though that his bionic eyes (acquired after having his real eyes torn out during City of the Damned) have square Irises.

But that is the point: No artist has ever been allowed to draw Dredd's actual face fully, nor should they. It's kinda like the Doctor Doom deal.

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