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Default Re: Judge Dredd Reboot!! - Part 2

Originally Posted by grout View Post
Geeze,, "novelty" "gimmick"...critical much??

The gimmick, was showing the effect of the drug they took.. It was for the purpose of showing that viewpoint.. I thought that was pretty amazing.

The novelty, if he had to kill in order to survive how does that qualify as a novelty.

If you didnt like the movie or the "gimmick" and/or "novelty" served 0 purpose for the movie I could understand.

Im glad you enjoyed the movie but what your saying sounds like "I love to go to car races, I just hate when they go fast, i hope they have more car races".

I dont understand....
How about you chill? I said what i had to say about what I thought of the movie. I've explained what I thought, if you take a negative opinion to my thoughts on the movie then enjoy being pissed for nothing.

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