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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Okay, finally had time to do this. Here we go: in our newest chapter of Season 11:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Batman arrives to where Superman's bat signal is located. Superman reveals that he knows he and Nightwing found Chill's safe house (pointing out how even he can do things Batman does) and that Chill's cut a deal from the feds, something Batman hates because it isn't justice, to which Superman responds that that's not their job to determine, but to make sure justice exists. Because Batman is in Superman's city, and Superman won't have a one-man army tearing down the slums, Superman offers a joint investigation: they protect Chill from Intergang, and also find out about the weapons. Batman agrees, and they shake hands; they're teaming up.

Lexcorp: Lex watches the security footage, remarking that not only does Batman and Nightwing fight dirty, but that Batman actually hurt Superman. He then gets an unexpected meeting with Ollie, telling him about the codes in his inbox; that he's harassing him, and then he leaves, telling Lex that he is wasting his time. Lex, telling the truth, notices the time stamps and has an idea.

Suicide Slums: Superman/Batman are making small talk (Luthor tagging Supes, and him not wanting to draw attention to Batman's hub, thus explaining the bat signal) while watching the building Chill is in. Batman sneaks away from Superman and makes it inside where Chill is in his room, before Superman superspeeds in front of him before he opens the door. Inside, they find Joe Chill: an older man now, in a wheelchair and on a breathing respirator.

Back at Lexcorp: Lex wakes up in the middle of the night and heads back down to the executive level of the building and on the computer doing the codes Ollie was talking about while Otis watches; but it isn't really Lex, it's Tess controlling Lex while the real Lex is asleep.

Back at the Slums: Chill talks about how he made mistakes when he was young, and killed alot of people either for himself or for other people. Batman screams that he killed his parents, and stole his life, but Chill can only say that he is sorry. But Batman kicks him to the wall, but Superman saves the weaken man, and knocks Batman back, ordering him to stand down. Superman gets to the point: they want to stop the advanced weaponary Intergang has, and they want to know where a man named Loomis is. But he is far closer than they think: Loomis aka The Prankster appears at the door. Batman throws his batarangs, but they are destroyed by Mister Freeze. Batman tells Superman to get ready, as Freeze tells Batman that he should've told his friend (Superman) that "cold kills everything."


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