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Default Re: Ok Guys...Shall we talk DVD/Blu-ray? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Primal Slayer View Post
My target was also out surprisingly. Oh well, I will watch the 90min feature somewhere and I already got a free copy of the bluray/dvd so not that big of a deal.
I went to Target on the 26th and they had about 30 copies of the 4-disc 3-D version. I went back 2 days later and every single copy was gone.

Originally Posted by cofphoto View Post
LOL visited two Target stores today, both completely out of the "exclusive" four disc set, and their website says "not available".

God I LOVE exclusives. This is as great as the exclusive 6" figures that I've never, ever seen at any Walmart stores.

Your best bet (other than Ebay) is off-the-beaten path Walmarts. All the city Walmarts I've seen either a) never got a shipment or b) were instantly picked clean. The same goes for Marvel Legends and DCUC. I always find more in small town stores.

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