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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 6

blurry **** picture, and non-movie masters related, but i'm working on repainting one of my batman begins tumblers into a bane tumbler. (the lights and sound one for the 5" figures).

has anyone else done a repaint custom of one of these into a camo one? i saw some on google, but dont know if that one is anyones here?
i have another tumbler (as well as the a repainted black one) that i might make into the "talia" tumbler (missle launcher one).

for this one picture, i took the tumbler apart, primered the sections, painted in "sand" color, and now i'm doing the brown spots and then will do touch up paint, do detailing, and then weather. i'm not adding more leds or anything else, just doing a repaint.

the missle one, i want to make the launcher area from sheet styrene, then do a repaint.

(long post for a blurry ****** picture haha)

these tumblers are pretty close in scale to the movie masters. i wish there was a movie masters tumbler, but doubt that would happen. i always wish there was a movie masters "the bat" and movie masters Lucious Fox!

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