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Default Re: X-Men: Days of Future Past Speculation

People need to be more realstic here.This film Isn't going to be made to rewrite everything and fix contunity holes.Bryan Singer may want to Ignore the Last Stand but eather way what happened In The Last Stand will not be discussed In this film.The X-men characters used In future scenes will be those alive at end of last Stand.With Xavier there Is already
a built In explanation for his return.

Singer's already said they plan with this film to connect the films together.This means we will get a few In future and one traveling back In time.Except for time traveler the rest will be expanded cameos.And people need to be prepared for possibilty wolverine will be time traveler.Opening the same day as third Hobbit means they will almost sure try to get Hugh jackman for a major role In this film.People need to aceept Jackman Is Robert Downey JR of X-Men film franchise.You can do good with him and rest of cast(X-Men,X2) or you can do bad with him and rest of cast(The Last Stand)

The bulk of film will be In first Class era.Any new Characters will be seen In that era.And except for target of assassination attempt I am not excepting much In new characters.
Maybe a new brotherhood member If they don't bring back angel and Riptide.

They are doing this to create a event film and because they want to do the DOFP storyline.Without a doudt they want to create big event having cast members from both first Class and Bryan Singer's X-Men films would create.

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