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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Potatoed this on reddit a few days I'd like the MCU to go

Okay it goes
2008 Iron Man The Incredible Hulk
2010 Iron Man 2
2011 Thor Captain America: The First Avenger
2012 The Avengers
2013 Iron Man 3 *S.H.I.E.L.D T.V series (Summer to maybe end of Autumn depending on length) Thor: The Dark World
2014 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Guardians of the Galaxy *Hulk t.v series (spring to autumn) *Daredevil T.V series (first half 12 episodes in Winter) *The Amazing Spider-man 2 *Ant-Man
2015 Daredevil T.V series (second half 12 episodes in spring) The Avengers 2 *S.H.I.E.L.D second series (in the summer) *Punisher T.V series (maybe about 15 episodes in the autumn to winter)
2016 Thor: The Enchantress Captain America: Return of the Red Skull Daredevil second series (autumn to winter)
2017 The Amazing Spider-man 3 *Black Panther Hulk second series (summer to autumn/early winter) Punisher second series (first half winter)
2018 Punisher second series (second half in spring) *Dr Strange *Heroes for Hire (first series in summer) Guardians of the Galaxy 2
*2019 Iron Man 4 Captain America: Thor: The Amazing Spider-man 4
2020 The Avengers: Civil War Pt 1 (Easter time) The Avengers: Civil War Pt 2 (Summer time)
So explanations
  • S.H.E.I.L.D series would focus on the aftermath of the event of The Avengers, specifically trying to clear up the mess of NYC, the publics knowledge/outcry of superheroes and the sudden uprise of 'wannabee' heroes and villians. Nick Fury would appear in a few episodes, mainly the premiere and finale episodes but the majority of it will be handled by Maria Hill. Perhaps even cameos from Black Widow and Hawkeye....and obviously mentions of the Avengers, like keeping tabs on them. New agent on the job, Jessica Drew, learns to cope with daily life within SHIELD and the series is mainly seen from her POV, entering this hectic world and her journey to becoming Spider-Woman. Cameos from the likes of Falcon, Agent Sitwell, Carol Danvers and Jimmy Woo. Other minor villans spanning across the Marvel universe. This show would have minor crossovers with the other MCU shows.
I'm sure there's enough material for a second and maybe 3rd series but I ain't got enough knowledge
In the second series, Carol Danvers would become Ms Marvel somehow, Jessica Jones would become Spider-Woman and the likes of Iron Fist and Luke Cage would be seen.
  • Hulk t.v series will show what Banner is doing after the Avengers. With the knowledge on how to control the Hulk, Banner is able to keep his emotions in check and travel around the poorer countries and help those in need. it's at this point Banner meets the young Rick Jones whom he takes on as a sidekick. However the likes of General Thunderbolt Ross (a.k.a the Red Hulk) and The Leader amongst other villains (such as Jackdaw, Juggernaut, Rhino and Ringmaster and a return of the Abomination). All actors/actresses from the Incredible Hulk movie should reprise their roles and Banner/Hulk is of course played by Ruffalo. In the S.H.I.E.L.D show, certain information would be seen on screens or even mentioned about Banner and his movements.
  • Ant-Man Origins of Ant-Man and Wasp, don't know about the story but perhaps the baddie is Egghead or....Whirlwind or something I dunno....during the movie they become SHIELD agents and once they defeat whoever it is, Fury decides to add them to the Avengers roster.
  • Daredevil series would be more detached from the other shows, but should still have an odd reference here and there to the rest of the MCU. The first series is generally his origin, showing his backstory in flashbacks and him and his conflict within Hells Kitchen. Kingpin will be the primary antagonist with the likes of Elektra,Bullseye, The Jester, Mister Fear and The Punisher (cameo in a 2 or 3 partner from his own series). Foggy Nelson will of course appear and even a cameo from Moon Knight as well. Ben Urich and the Daily Bugle will also appear, maybe a cameo from J.J.J. as well, not sure yet.
  • The Amazing Spider-man 2 Yes, I'm bringing in the Amazing Spider-man series into the MCU because I don't want to leave him out of this wonderful story. Anyway basically ASM2 will stay within itself but just and odd eater egg to the rest of the MCU. The 3rd movie should have the death of Gwen Stacy and the Green Goblin. SHIELD would appear for a moment with Nick Fury as Peter, struggling with the death of Gwen, decides he needs help with stopping Osborn. Fury believes Peter can do it on his own. Peter can't join the Avengers until he's 18...or 21...Whichever.
  • The Punisher series will be dark and gritty and gory, on par with the Walking Dead and be pretty contained and even further away from The Avengers side of the MCU however will feature easter eggs and crossovers with Daredevil, specifically with them fighting each other at some point and sharing an enemy or 2 (The Kingpin and Bullseye). I ain't got much to say but it's just showing The Punisher being him, his reasons for doing what he does and facing baddies, notably Jigsaw, Hitman, Elite, Payback, Finn Cooley and The Russian.
  • For the third installments I'd just keep them on track with where the current one is going, I just added two crappy subtitles there featuring the possible villains (The Enchantress and Red Skull again)
  • Black Panther movie would obviously show his origins, his country and everything like that and in the end Black Panther is seen talking the Henry Pym and Wasp over Vibranium and they extend an invitation to him to join the Avengers.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I have no idea...maybe Kang the Conqueror or something....if anything I wouldn't have a sequel to them unless they made the 3rd Avengers another cosmic force to deal with instead of the Civil War route I've taken.
  • Dr Strange movie would show his origins and open up the magical part of the MCU and the villain would be Baron Mordo. Not really much I can say on this but I reckon near the end he'll decide to try either join the Avengers or then start his own group, thus creating the 'Marvel Knights' with Daredevil, Moon Knight and Shang-chi.
  • Heroes for Hire would be either a short series maybe 6 hour long episodes which shows Luke Cage (Power Man), Iron Fist, White Tiger, She-Hulk (who could cameo in SHEILD, Daredevil or Hulk) and Namor. The First episode is them joining together and flashbacks to origins or bits of backstory with the story showing them working together to tackle problems to big for ordinary people but too small for the Avengers to get involved. A second series, if there was one, could add in Ghost Rider, Silver Sable and Paladin...
  • 2019 Would have final sequel movies for the main 3 Avengers, Iron Man, Cap and Thor and each would end somehow leading into 2020 and the Avengers Civil War.
  • Yea a 2 parter....kinda like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was divided. A huge catastrophe like in the comics kills hundreds of innocent people and children which is blamed on superpowered people and causes an uprising within the general public and begins the superhero registration act....well you know the comics. This will have cameos and appearances from almost every hero and villian who isn't dead who has been introduced in the MCU movies and shows. Yea.... yea I know, that's pretty much the bare minimum needed to encompass the entire 616 universe which probably isn't needed for the MCU but still I'd love it to be like that
But yea through those next 8 years if you also include the DC movies to come out, plus non MCU movies like X-Men and Fantastic 4 then yea there is way to much.
Oh yes I know, I had Ultron typed up but wouldn't he need all the Avengers to be taken down, not just Ant-Man and Wasp? Thats why I didn't put him there as I wasn't sure really....but if I'm mistaken then by all means he'd be great to add.

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