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Default Re: Judge Dredd Reboot!! - Part 2

Finally seen it last night.

Very good stuff. Acting was good. Action was brutal. The drab look of the film was cold and empty but in a good way. Anderson was portrayed well. Urban was perfect as Dredd. Beats Stallone's debacle by a long shot. Overall I'd give it a B.

Dredd isn't an extremely well known character nowadays but this movie SHOULD HAVE made him leap back into general pop culture. Shame it hasn't. A really solid entertaining action flick failed. More importantly, a solid comic book film went unnoticed by most.

But that's okay. It's almost fitting for this film to slip under the radar and be admired as a cult classic. I'm okay with that being it's status.

As for a sequel? Yeah, I'd love one.

We live in a world with 3 Punisher reboots, 2 Ghost Rider movies, 5 Bring it On movies, 6 Fast and Furious movies, 4 Step Up movies, Taken 2 comes out soon....

So even though this bombed, a sequel isn't written off. But it'll probably be avoided like the plague for some reason($$$). Even though this film deserves a sequel and has the source material to provide a stellar one.

But whatever. I still want another Daredevil movie in some capacity. And now, another Dredd movie.

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