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Default Re: Say something positive about The Last Stand

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
That the awfulness of this and Wolverine possibly led to X-Men First class being so good.
I don't think First Class was great, to be honest. As a stand-alone film? Sure, it was good. But when it was produced - and originally set to be directed - by the same guy that directed X-Men and X2? I don't think there's any need to disregard the continuity of those films. (Aye, I'm one of those saddos that does harp on about continuity.) I also didn't like that Havok being used either, to be honest. He wasn't central to the plot, so why changed an established character with clear comic ties to Cyclops?

I think the general premise of how Xavier and Magneto first came to be allies and the 'bond-esque' feel were fun, but I'd have preferred it if that was the focus on the movie - and it left out the whole 'first class' bit. (I'd rather have seeb a first class featuring Cyclops, Jean, Beast, and a couple others seeing as Iceman and Angel couldn't be used.)

As for The Last Stand? Beast looked pretty bad ass - much preferred Beast from TLS to FC - and Kelsey Grammer did a fine job. That's honestly the best thing I can say about it. It's a decent popcorn flick the same way XO:W is a decent popcorn flick, but I hold X-Men and X2 in higher regard, which makes TLS a bit of a let down.

Oh, and as a Scot I much preferred Scottish scientist Moira MacTaggert to boring CIA agent Moira MacTaggert.

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Oh my God... you're one of them... the Clean Ones, the Untouched, the Innocents! Endgame is the Dark Knight compared to the Source. You have no idea. NO idea.
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