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Default Re: More music from Batman TAS being released

Disc 4

"Shadow Of The Bat Part 1 and 2" deals with Batgirl's origins. The theme for the character is very daring and mighty, which highlights Batgirl's spunkyness in the show. As well as the thrill of being Batgirl. It's perfect for this incarnation of the character. I enjoy the use of her theme in "The Batgirl", "Batgirl Takes Action", "Batgirl Gets Trashed", "Robin and Batgirl Follow", "Rescue Of The Commish", "Batgirl's A Real Drag", and "Batgirl Sees The Statue". The theme can become many things like in "Casing Gil's Apartment" the theme is a lot more calm and sly as Batgirl's staking out Gil's apartment not realising Robin is too. It's better than a lot of the superhero themes in the current superhero movies, imo. I also like the use of the gangster type music. SOTB Part 2 opens with the theme that's used when Batman is fighting Two-face in the climax. Two-Face's theme is sadly absent in both parts. There's also a jazzy and gangster beat that sounds like it came out of the 60s ( which the liner notes claimed it was a nod to the 60s Batman show) in "Matche's Give The Signal" and "Bad Guys Escape" it's very effective and even a little suspenseful. It doesn't come off as cheesy either, imo.

"Harley And Ivy" opens with both Harley and Ivy's themes playing simultaneously. It's actually a divine blend of the two themes. Harley's theme gets the most use in the score. Joker's theme doesn't make any appearances unfortunately. Ivy's wicked theme makes brief appearances throughout. And Batman's theme makes a few brief appearances, which makes sense b/c this was a more villain eccentric episode. I think Harley's theme captures this cuckoo nature of the character perfectly. The theme never feels evil or threatening like the character itself. It's more looney and a little cute even, imo. The music ("Crime Spree") during the montage of Harley and Ivy's crime spree sounds like aomething out of a gangster movie. That cue even reminds me of bits from Elfman's Dick Tracy score.

"Read My Lips" is a score that sounds like it was written for (again) a gangster movie. It's a very jazzy and flashy score that nails the tough guy attitude Scarface believes he is. This score might be an acquired taste for some b/c of the instrumentation of some of the jazz music. It really captures the tone and atmosphere of this particular episode, imo. I like the piece of tension music that plays just before one of Scarface's sneaky goons tries to kill Batman but ends up killing Scarface by mistake. It's also used as Rhino and the other goons are performing a heist in a platinum vault and end up capturing Batman as he tries to stop them. I like the twisted music at the end that plays as Wesker creates another Scarface dummy. Really shows how psychotic and kind of pathetic Wesker is, imo. It shows that (in his mind) he's basically useless without Scarface.

"Fire From Olympus" opens with Maxamillian Zeus' theme, who happens to believe he's actually the Greek god Zeus. The theme is very symphonic, operatic, majestic, grand, and mighty. It really emphasises Zeus' belief that he's a god but at the same time it's imposing nailing the threat he actually brings to Gotham. "Olympus Battle" closes the score in an elegant fashion. I like how the Batman theme makes victorious appearances as it competes against Zeus' overpowering theme. I love how the music closes the score and episode as Zeus is taken into Arkham Asylum. Though Zeus believes he's being taken to Mount Olympus. It's very triumphant at the very end with the pounding of the drums. It gives the feeling that Zeus is at peace in Arkham. Therefore so will Gotham be. I heard that Zeus' theme was inspired by Miklos Rozsa, which is probably true. Though again I'm not familiar with his music.

I know I keep saying this but it's amazing that music of this scale is written for something like a Batman cartoon. Especially compare to the current output of scores both in tv and in movies. It shows to me how much thought and talent Shirley & her team put in these scores. It's a shame there's not that many talented composers like her today. Though there are a few.

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