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Default Re: In Place of Hugh Jackman?

Originally Posted by Matt View Post
Dougray Scott.

Seriously though, I don't think it is time to recast. Jackman has shown tremendous loyalty to the franchise and clearly isn't ready to leave the role so why change simply for the sake of changing? I'm sure that the day will come when Wolverine needs to be recast, but it isn't here yet and therefore trying to put any contemporary actor in the role doesn't really work.
I agree. I don't think Jackman can be blamed for XMO:W - poor script, wrong director etc - and he seems determined that The Wolverine nails the character as close to his comic book counterpart as a mainstream movie possibly could. He also appears to take good care of himself, so there's no reason he can't continue to play Wolverine for a few more films yet.

Originally Posted by webhead9707 View Post
Patrick Stewart? You would HAVE to miss Patrick Stewart.o.O
The chemistry between Stewart and McKellen seemed spot-on for Xaver and Magneto for me. I honestly can't say the same for McAvoy and Fassbender, talented as they are.

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Oh my God... you're one of them... the Clean Ones, the Untouched, the Innocents! Endgame is the Dark Knight compared to the Source. You have no idea. NO idea.
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