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Default How about a solo Avengers franchise?

I've been reading a lot of Silver Age comic books, and I love the anthologies of shorter superhero stories, and how characters were introduced on a smaller scale before leading into tie-ins with the rest of the MU as either a solo or team character.

I know Marvel has talked about making $25-50 M solo movies, I guess I'm taking it a step further by saying what if they created a film series that specifically deals with introducing Avengers team members who can't really carry a major franchise? You can get a trilogy out of Black Panther, but not a character like Vision or Scarlet Witch.

A franchise like this would keep minor avengers from being shoe-horned into the solo franchises of bigger characters, thus preventing future Iron Man 2 type scenarios, while still allowing the characters to benefit from the Avengers brand.

So we could have Solo Avengers: Vision, Solo Avengers: Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch etc. Instead of spending 150 M on a Vision movie.

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