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Default Re: How about a solo Avengers franchise?

I think that the solo films already kinda Solo Avengers movies at this point. The only one that really stands on its own is Iron Man's.

I think there could be room for a sort of "second-string" team that graduates into the Avengers with the next film. I think Ultimates did a really good job with this with their Black Ops team. I think something similar with Scarlet Witch, Vision, Quicksilver and maybe Lang Ant-Man at the center could be interesting, with say Black Widow, Hawkeye and War Machine in there as well. In my crazy world, I'd throw in Swordsman, Jack of Hearts, Ares and Dr. Druid as casualties to keep things interesting. I don't know if it could be called 'West Coast Avengers' or 'Defenders' or 'Secret Avengers' or whatever, but something along those lines, without stepping too much on SHIELD's toes.

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