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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Okay Sam, lets not be making things up. lol I have the movie, I've watched it over 50 times (sadly). I don't think there was anything of the sort, regarding a sixth sense, or "hawk vision". I think all his cool stuff, was simply badass-ness for the movie.

And for the bolder part, here is what happened.

Fury and selvig are talking, I thought we prepared for this dr, harnessing energy from outer space....she's an energy source yada yada yada.

Then Fury asks selvig "where's agent barton?"
Selvig: "*snickers* The Hawk? He's up in his nest"

"agent barton, report"

then clint comes down

Fury: "I thought I told you to keep a close eye on this project" (something like that)

Barton: "Yeah, I see better from a distance"

Personally, I think you guys are thinking WAY too into this

bingo, the whole, no looking shots, and all the things he did, to me it was for being cool, and for plot

Who said anything about superpowers? Having an uncanny knack for something isn't the same thing as getting abducted by aliens or bitten by a radioactive bug or **** like that. I just think that Joss wanted to do a slight riff on Hawkeye's name to give it a little more meaning and backstory, and I think it's pretty darn cool that he did so.

As for getting powers from the Tesseract: that's pretty much a given. The Tesseract *does* give you powers. It's a god-cube or a wish-cube.


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