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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Originally Posted by CaptainCraig View Post
Before we ever get there we need Marvel to give us a fully vocalized interactive Hulk character.

We've yet to get more than cliche one liners in his three film performances the past 10 years.

All the great Hulk stories we want, including PH, have him has Hulk for 80%+ of the story, very little Banner.
See, I think that could be the compelling thing that happens over the course of a Planet Hulk inspired movie. If Banner and Hulk are thrust into that situation they'd have to come together to survive. It would be an origin of sorts for the smarter Hulk, because both Banner and Hulk are needed for him to survive & get off Sakarr. Then we have that smarter Hulk, who can have a conversation in Avengers 3 and any other Hulk movies.

Obviously a direct adaptation won't work..Marvel isn't going to make him a villain who Stark and Co. send off from Earth. But if they say, have Thanos send him across the Galaxy using a Purple Gem attached to a certain gauntlet in Avengers fixes that quite easily. To me the Planet Hulk story isn't sacred so if they just use the setting and gist of the whole thing in a different take I'm fine with that and that's what they would need to do. Obviously that takes away a World War Hulk movie...but I can't imagine anyway that it works in the MCU anyway.

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