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Default Re: More music from Batman TAS being released

Originally Posted by ddddeeee View Post
"While working on Vol 2 a number of episodes of the first "65" got the axe and will be featured on Vol 3: Robin's Reckoning Parts 1 and 2, Day of the Samurai and The Clock King to name a few.

Our plan is to have Vol 3 out next year (possibly another 4 disc set). That would be all the music we would release from the first 65. We are also contemplating releasing an empty box when vol 3 comes out so people can put all 3 volumes inside. It would be like $5 (or around there) if people wanted to buy it separately or free with purchase of Vol 3...something like that.


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Well since they're not going to release all 65 scores from B:TAS Season 1 and 2. Eventhough I hope they change their mind. I'll just type some titles I hope do get released in Volume 3. They've already mentioned they plan on releasing "Robin's Reckoning Part 1 & 2", "Day of the Samurai", and "The Clock King". Hopefully these will get released also "P.O.V.", "Eternal Youth", "Fear Of Victory", "The Forgotten", "Heart of Steel Part 1 & 2, "The Underdwellers", "Night of the Ninja", "Tyger Tyger", "Dreams In Darkness", "I Am The Night", "Moon of the Wolf", "Terror In The Sky", "His Silicon Soul", "Off Balance", "The Man Who Killed Batman", "Zatanna", "Blind As A Bat", "See No Evil", "Mudslide", "House And Garden", "Paging The Crime Doctor" "Trial" and "Harlequinade". I doubt all of these will make it on Volume 3. I really hope they reconsider b/c I'd really love hear all the scores from the 65 episodes of B:TAS. Though I'm thankful they released any of the music from this great show to begin with. It's better than nothing.

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