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Default Re: How should they handle Wolverine in this movie? (if he had to be in it..)

They can take this thing so many ways so its a tough call on how they will go about it. Id be cool with him being the time traveler or even if he just has a quick action sequence or two in the Alt Future then is gone the rest of the flick. He should have a presence though.

Wolv's has taken up most the screen time in the franchise, but if they leave him out of this one both Fans and the general audience will ***** about it. Hes one of the few alive in the story. Cant really think of what DOFP would gain from his absence. I mean if Wolverine was absent in the film then that would mean hes dead, and that is something I would want to see happen on screen cause hes pretty much un killable. An offscreen kill for the franchises main star? That would be a huge let down or missed opportunity for the audience. Would have to show him at least die.

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