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Default Re: The Official 'Hulk in Avengers' thread. - Part 10

Originally Posted by <(o_o)> View Post
Was Banner/Hulk aware that something was wrong & trying to warn Black Widow to "Run For Your Life" before he started chasing after her? Although watching the scene with subtitles all that popped up was "Your Life!" so was unsure what Hulk was really trying to say.
I took it as a level of indignation, almost like "how dare you talk about swearing on YOUR LIFE after you've brought me into this crazy situation destroying mine!"

I'm not of the mind that Loki the sole reason for Banner's viciousness during that Hulk-out, I think Banner at that time was extremely angry about the whole situation, and the pain from the explosion just took it over the edge. Widow was the object of his rage because of her role in putting him there.

Originally Posted by A Necessary Evil View Post
cgi is still sexy, 9 years later. Also, Hulk is underrated
Yeah, while I think Avengers Hulk is better overall and certainly more consistent, Ang's Hulk was always better than TIH version to me, and some of those cgi shots still hold up today, some of them are quite remarkable, and that desert/San Fran rampage is still tops for me in terms of superhero action sequences.

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